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Cafe Cee

Cafe Cee is located in the heart of Glenbrook, surrounded by tall trees and National parks. It has an easy laidback atmosphere. Relax on the long lounge or catch the breeze out the front. This is a cafe that offers both comfort and class. I give it 8/10…

Nestle in the heart of Glenbrook, this cafe called Jazz Apple Kitchen, will astonish you with flavour and colour. Its history of this cafe goes back 15 years. Formally known as Blue Tongue Lizzard, this rustic experience with a great atmosphere, food and coffee are out if this world. A truly remarkable experience for those who just wish to unwind and indulge in a coffee or two. A Community gathering cafe for glenbrook and the mountains. this experience I give it a 8.5/10..


Experience it….

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